Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nothing to say ??

While chatting to a friend the other day , the usual 'Hi ; How are you's?' were followed with the not-so-unusual silence. In a few minutes - an aeon - the friend opened the 'window' with : 'nothing to say ??'

'Nothing' has a non-existent definition when it comes to saying. Plenty of things to talk about ; aren't there ?

About ...
One's day , in detail ;
Why your sibling is an irksome pixie that you cannot freeze, (remember 'Mum' ?), no matter how she makes you boil and blister ;
How tiny , pink and sweet the new-born was in slumber while it could remain innocently indifferent to the wails of the World ;
What was the So-and-So of Such-an-Such-incident (calamity - scientific discovery - economic crisis - ) ?
Of Princess Diana , the Queen of Hearts , forever wedded to an unhappily-ever-after --

Break it : 'No - thing' as 'Nothing' (to say!)

If you find me quiet , it is merely to watch for your green signal : to say something , anything , everything....(that is nothing too ?)
Would you , can you , will you , listen to all ?
My tsunami is at your command.

The mind is often talking to itself :
'Alarm must be set at 3am , no , 3.17am - dawn is ...'

'Maldives - why did he re-marry so soon ? why couldn't he persevere in persuading her ? Aunt - married...divorced - our twin-cousins.... '

'Chapter 112 - touchstone of theology - verse 1 "Say, He is Allah, One and Only" ....Only 'one'...the Odd number...'

'Tonight , I would ask him.... (and proceed with our conversation ,in my head)....'

Rarely , perhaps only in sleep , there is Rest : to the cacophony of a precious mind.

The human mind , at its pinnacle , is waiting to blow out its contents : meekly , passionately ; and the tongue is ever moist , with words carefully jailed or rosary chants - sometimes monotonous , sometimes fervent - willing to chatter away at the slightest opening.

In this virtual world , my fingers - though adept at typing - are checked by an obsession with using the right metaphor , the quaint word , the tidy presentation.
You have been saved by the atrocity of my incessant tongue.

Now , do ' you ' have nothing to say ??


atomicgitten said...

Nice... I loved the whole stream of conciousness thing you used. Loved this line:

" say something , anything , everything....(that is nothing too ?)..."

Keep blogging. :)

Materialmom said...

Writing comes to the help of the tongue-tied. The gab is a gift that i covet.
But the pen can follow the monkey mind without appearing mad,don't you think?

ThalassicReverie said...

'pen can follow the monkey mind without appearing mad'

Short and precise
Poetically conveyed
Liked the way you put it!

'monkey mind'