Sunday, May 4, 2008

To the Teacher

Words are fascinating: each one a world waiting to be created.
The lesser known , the more tempting to employ them in writing.

Some of the words have been provided with their meaning , scroll down to the end for them ; I wish to be understood despite the trifle elusive 'simplicity in choice of words'.

To the Teacher (s) :
' Thank You '

A syzygy of memories , gratitude and new horizons
beckon to these logolept musings...

In pursuit of academic achievement ,
Including such :
Byzantine array of equations ,

Coding approximate to galamatias ,
Numbers - an abyss of conundrums ,
Hippocampus - a warehouse of psittacism.

Most would slip into oblivion...

The Smiles ,
Treasured and cherished - always.

SYZYGY : The alignment of two (or more) celestial bodies (as in an eclipse)
LOGOLEPT : word-lover
BYZANTINE : complex
GALIMATIAS : Nonsense , gibberish.
HIPPOCAMPUS : part of human brain associated with memory
PSITTACISM : Characteristic of parrots(Speaking without knowing)


Materialmom said...

Interesting. you always loved strange words.I guess they are as fascinating as antiques - awesome but seldom used.
Your thoughts translated into the contemporary fadspeak would go "like, you know, dude, the subjects were s--t but the teachers were cool and we guys rocked." :)

ThalassicReverie said...

Right you are Ma'am !
I m going to try desperately hard to write in simpler language...its rather difficult when my store of 'antiques' is craving to be displayed :D

Materialmom said...

Your style is your own- don't change. You could attempt serious pieces- i think you will be great at that.

atomicgitten said...

Hey! The poem was lovely- though it's a good thing you gave the footnote with the meanings. :D Man you have one hell of a vocabulary!

ThalassicReverie said...

Thanks Atomic !
I learnt the practicality of including a glossary when classmates looked blank but sweetly complimented (for not understanding ?!) on my alien monstrosities.