Friday, May 2, 2008

The Trials of donning an Apron

I was making Vegetable Pilaff (aka 'Tarkari Pulao') as the Hyderabadi cookbook said.
Being a dish of rice, my apprehensions surfaced and glided over to take refuge in Mother's expertise on the Art of Cooking. It looks and reads (as in a printed recipe) easy - to prepare a dish of rice - or so I always thought - until I started cooking it myself. Even the simplest everyday rice-boiled-with-salt : 'chawal' as we call it, needs meticulous attention. If you want it 'perfect' - give it your absolute focus and care. Else , like me , if the less-than-perfect standard , set by Lord Knows who , is nevertheless enjoyable to eat : Forget asking Mother for help.
She harangues on simplicity, my mother.
The recipe lay solemly intricate.
She protested against its handsome order.
It beeseched me,to give it a try...those dapper alphabets of its existence : thus wooed and won, I insisted on following the print.
She was adamant on experience.
Tempers flared.
Rice - three-quarters cooked - cooled.

Mother exits (from the perspiring Kitchen) .
And I attempted to assuage my dish's ruffled grace.

It was done eventually. A profusely (try 'overcooked') steamed Pulao. Had I served toddlers, I would have received those oh-I-love-you-so gurgles following a Cerelac session.

The family ate.

Meanwhile , I sought sanctuary under my blanket :
' Those who sow in tears , shall reap in joy. '

I doubt , the latter part ; sometimes.


Materialmom said...

Yay u've given birth.... to a post:D
'Tempers flared, the rice... cooled' - nice contrast.
Do keep writing .

atomicgitten said...

Hey! Welcome to the blogger family!
Nice start. I liked the referance to the cerelac sessions. Put the point across graphically :D

Keep posting :)

ThalassicReverie said...

Materialmom and Atomic :
Thank you :)
Would write , InshaAllah.
The cerelac sessions - I liked it too :D , though I was not able to make it more 'graphic' - would have been cuter...