Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am Alone

The sun was bright ,
I was young ,
The days were carefree and light ,
There were friends , there were people.

I am alone.

Parents - they were there then:
In the remote background , close to touch ;
Now nearer and dearer , yet farther away ;
We spoke less ; now the talk is much...

I am alone.

The memories swirl as misty ghosts -
They are mine ; not gone away.
The books hold out a stronger hand -
They are mine ; soul entrenched within soul.

The sun still shines ,
The people still pass by , leaving pages to fill in.

I am alone , not empty ;
I am with God -
Is that lonely ?
He is alone: The One and Only.


Materialmom said...

Enjoy the solitude while you can; marriage will put an end to that.:) But then youll get a good friend.

But who wants friends when you have BOOKS!

'People talking without speakin, People hearing without lis'ning..' there used to be a song like that. It is such a true paradox.

Being one with God - that's an experience!

This poem, makes me feel like we are 2 beads on the same thread. Ive had identical feelings running through me.
Good post

ThalassicReverie said...

I enjoy the solitude immensely.

Marriage looks a tempting dessert encaged in terrible , sturdy grills.
Its so pleasant to simply watch it , in the distant horizon.... ( without going too near , :D ) ...

'two beads on the same thread' :)