Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snapshots in Writing

Watching the rain fall , alone in the afternoon ;
Listening to the drops slapping on the ground.

Licking ice-creams other than my own ;
Sipping a new juice made by a younger cousin.

Telling stories to the twins ;
Hearing protests on holding one more than the other in my arms.

Playing monopoly , with a ship ;
Sailing stubbornly against hoots claiming my Titanic would sink , as usual ;

Laughing at the banter common to the dinner table ;
Crying at the parting and yet longing for home ;

Gabbling about my love for words to an aunt , busy in the kitchen ;
The milk boiled over -
Apologising for distracting and ruefully commenting on schlimazels and schlemiels ;

Remembering that past vacation , the passionate mourning ;
Rejoicing in the eternal joy that sprung from ephemeral heartbeats.

1 comment:

atomicgitten said...

The fleeting nature of vacations and all the company one gets. Sigh... makes you feel sadand happy at the same time doesn't it?